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Super late post for WIP modivation…Just tested the full armor shoe design and I can walk!(super happy)

Progress so far on remake(hehe,started as a refit but I ended up scraping the old and starting from scratch).

Still need to:

make piping

make belt

make collar

make reels(retractable!)

add bias to skirt

finish painting all shoe additions, skirt

make shoulder pads

make pouch

detail torso and paint

…and only 1 full work day and two evenings to do it. Wish me luck!(and I am off to bed)

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    My mind is blown. I can’t wait to see the finished product next week! I hope I get to take a pic with you or something!
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    ooc: oh my gosh this is gorgeous already! Can’t wait to see it done!! with retractable reels?! let me die omg