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Sometimes you end up cosplaying a character with a really crazy hairline, and you think “How am I going to make THAT?”

Maybe you’ve already learned about lace-front wigs and how they appear more natural-looking. Maybe you’ve even heard of wig ventilation, which is the method for individually adding hairs into the lace of a lace-front wig. If you’ve gotten that far, you’ve probably noticed you need special tools, called ventilating hooks/needles, and they can be costly and hard to acquire. Fear not! I am here to show you a few methods to ventilate hair with just normal supplies you can find at your craft and sewing store!

That’s right, you can ventilate hair with just a normal sewing needle!!!

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Reblog for future reference, I’ve read about this before. Ahhhh I love lacefronts!

Now this is cool

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